**Hunt Choices & Application Form**  pdf to download 

New Mexico Department of Game & Fish Lottery Draw:
NMDGF offers an applicant three different hunt choices when applying. An applicant can mix dates and weapon choices to better their odds of drawing. Beaverhead Outfitters offers TENT CAMPS, LODGE/CABIN HUNTS, and WILDERNESS HUNTS. Please circle your accommodation preference on our application form. If you have no accommodation preference, Beaverhead Outfitters will apply you for the best drawing odds in quality areas. After completing our application form, we will apply you free of charge with the NMDGF for the hunts indicated.

All non-resident draw applicant will be charged a $79 Game Hunting License fee by NMDGF. If an applicant is unsuccessful in the draw and chooses not to hunt New Mexico, the $79 Game Hunting License fee is refundable. NMDGF charges the full license fee up front for all species. If unsuccessful in the draw, NMDGF will refund all but a $13 application fee.

For more information about New Mexico hunting regulations, rules, and requirements visit the New Mexico Department of Game & Fish website at

Important Information:

1. March 22, 2023 is the NMDGF deadline to apply for all New Mexico big game hunts.

2. Wilderness, late rifle, muzzle loader, and early bow hunts are the easiest hunts to draw.

3. Up to 4 hunters may apply per application.

4. Any hunter who held a New Mexico big game hunting license or permit for the prior year must complete a Harvest Report to NMDGF before applying for the current years draw. The deadline to submit 2022 Harvest Reports is February 15, 2023. Late fees apply after deadline. Harvest Reports can be filed online at

Private Landowner Tags:

Private land hunts are also available. A 50% deposit is required at time of booking. If you chose to apply in the NMDGF lottery draw and are successful, your deposit will be applied toward your draw- tag hunt. Guaranteed landowner tags sell quickly, if you are interested in purchasing a private landowner tag please contact us as soon and possible to reserve your tag. You must still submit a Beaverhead Outfitters application form with a signature when purchasing a private landowner tag.


Current hunts and prices are listed on our Hunt Choices Form. All hunts are one guide per two hunters. 1x1 hunts are available at an additional cost of $1,000. All hunts are subject to NM sales tax. A 50% deposit is required to book private landowner tags. A 50% deposit is required when you draw a NMDGF tag. Accepted methods of payment are Visa, Master Card, Cash, or Checks payable to Beaverhead Outfitters. All deposits are non-refundable. Final payment is due 30 days prior to your hunt. Checks are not accepted for final payment.